Analysis of a Ben Shneiderman interview. The analyis is based on the Interview with Prof. Ben Shneiderman (14th of November, 2006 to the World Usability Day). Ambition was to visualise this text based format into graphic for understanding it in a faster way. Therefor it´s helpful to give attention to frequencys, structure and type.

date: 2007 | category: Information Design


Aim of this project was it to search for 25 characters around a phone booth. The letters were used for vector graphic experiments and a poster.

date: 2006 | category: Typography, Photography


A Video Podcast for News. Main concept of the project was objectivity, as a significant principle of journalistic professionalism, in daily news. In this interface the news are reported by a variety of sources, such as different web sites and countries. The user can form an own opinion and assemble an own newscast.

date: 2007 | category: Interface Design

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