The Airloom sits on the family dinner table to capture memories and conversation through photo and audio recordings. It stores all the data internally and the pictures and stories can be revisited through a projection on the table. This device concept is designed to infuse tradition, context, and storytelling into a meaningful, digital artifact and the Airloom will live through family generations as an artifact from the past.

date: 2010 | category: Interaction Design

Airloom Team Members:
Gene Lu»
Russ Maschmeyer»
Evinn Quinn»

3 Responses to “Airloom”

  1. Hi Kristin
    Saw your tweet and was intrigued. Lovely project with some great thinking and execution. Feel free to ping me for a chat if you’re interested.

  2. […] Just came across this project by Kristin Grafe, Gene Lu, Russ Maschmeyer and Evinn Quinn at the School of Visual Arts in NY. It’s a beautifully executed example of interaction design looking at the idea of technological heirlooms. Something close to my heart. Project page is here. […]

  3. kristin:

    Thanks for the great feedback. Actually we saw you at last years Interaction Design Conference and where inspired by your talk about “The 40 year old tweet”. Really great to hear from you!


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