Bachelor-Thesis: What will newspaper look like? Under examination was the role of newspaper industry while the use of computers change the mass communication model. The project realized a operation concept, which implement complex coherences and information in a media-savvy way. A online network offers the immediate access to day-topical news and weblogs from all over the world which are sorted by tags, comment function, editorial departments and a geographical as well as temporal division. With the view to guarantee the user a quick and easy orientation in the system.

date: 2008 | category: Interface Design

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3 Responses to “FUTURE PAPER”

  1. Is this a design for what a future newspaper might look like and behave or for more of a newsfeed aggregator? Looks very interesting by the way.

  2. kristin:

    Actually the conclusion of my research was a cross-media solution bringing together print, mobile devices and the web. In this model the print version would be more extensive, with long investigate stories and high-quality foto series, while the web delivers international daily news. My visualisation were concentrated on the web. So for that you are true, the application is about getting the latest information every day.

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