Glass House Conversation

The Philip Johnson Glass House is preserving the legacy of Philip Johnson, the 47-acre campus harbors not only modern architecture but a beautiful landscape and art. In 2007 Philip Johnsons legandary conversations were extanded into a Conversation series that took place at the property. Now, the Conversation website brings this tradition online to a public audience. A invited moderator posts a weekly question related to design or architecture and opens up discussion, conversation and inspiration.

date: 2010 | category: Information Design, Web

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The Airloom sits on the family dinner table to capture memories and conversation through photo and audio recordings. It stores all the data internally and the pictures and stories can be revisited through a projection on the table. This device concept is designed to infuse tradition, context, and storytelling into a meaningful, digital artifact and the Airloom will live through family generations as an artifact from the past.

date: 2010 | category: Interaction Design

Airloom Team Members:
Gene Lu»
Russ Maschmeyer»
Evinn Quinn»


The website NGOpen is for nonprofit organizations both big and small to create simple, cohesive awareness messaging that can be shared. Russ Maschmeyer and me conceptualized a robust platform for creating simple, powerful information graphics that help people relate to their mission, vision and the world we live in.

date: 2010 | category: Information Architecture, Web

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MillionTreesNYC has planted almost 250,000 trees since its launch. This application helps the organisation come closer to their ambitious goal: to plant and care for one million new trees in the next decade. With the help of GPS the user gets in direct contact with the trees. By adopting a tree the user gets in exchange information about near park events from the trees. With those messages the user gets subtle reminded that there are trees that can be adopted, plant or donated to. This application is a playful way to go out into the green and "talk" to trees.

date: 2009 | category: Interface Design

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This local currency is designed for Manhattan. The back of the notes features the map of midtown Manhattan while the front has one famous building in that part of Midtown on it. By putting all notes together the whole map of Manhattan is shown. Each of the banknotes has its own color and is issued in $100 (Empire State Building), $50 (Grand Central Station), $20 (New York Public Library), $10 (Museum of Modern Art), $5 (St. Patricks Cathedral).

date: 2009 | category: Information Design

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Is a plush toy with an interactive e-book.The primary way for children to interact with the plush toy is through voice: by simple speaking to Amima the child can engage with it. During story telling the e-book display the storybooks while Ami would read out loud. This toy supplements the imagination by allowing the child to interact with a touch screen and a plush toy to construct, build, and draw during creative play.
Created with Carmen Dukes, Russ Maschmeyer.

date: 2010 | category: Interactive Design

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Museum Bautzen. Building the multimedia exhibition for the museum in Bautzen. The Interface was created for 21 touch screens with video and audio content, as well as searchable historic information.

date: 2009 | category: Interface, Programming

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Bachelor-Thesis: What will newspaper look like? Under examination was the role of newspaper industry while the use of computers change the mass communication model. The project realized a operation concept, which implement complex coherences and information in a media-savvy way. A online network offers the immediate access to day-topical news and weblogs from all over the world which are sorted by tags, comment function, editorial departments and a geographical as well as temporal division. With the view to guarantee the user a quick and easy orientation in the system.

date: 2008 | category: Interface Design

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Bookmark Tool. The user can save interesting essays, articles, reports or URL‘s in a personal archive and can find new article above other archive collections.Task of the interface is to organize, search and manage links with the help of metadata. The organization in combination of folders and tags allows to display the links chronologically, by category, tags, or via a timeline.

date: 2007 | category: Interface Design

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Visually Explore the News. News in general is primarily a text based format. So the aim of this project was to visualise one of the top news that comes on n-tv as an informationgraphic or a cover picture. The challenge was to produce every day a new graphic, comparable to the standards in real.
Image left: Moscow - Oman attacks Kasparov supporters

date: 2007 | category: Information Design

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