Project Goals

Future Proven

I am creating a service design experience which will enable the user to save, curate and inherit data. The service should reflect that the user will have a long-lasting experience with the service and that this experience can potentially life for at least the next 100 years.


This service should easily enable the user to define meaningful data. Future generations should not only understand an individual better but also connect with their ancestors. How can digital data become meaningful to somebody:

Media Independent

Since the customer are having digital data on different platforms, gadgets and software it is necessary to let the service life on a media independent platform. The customer needs to be able to store very different data in different periods of time.


Very often the things that are meaningful for people and that are get inherited for that reason are mementos. Objects that often don‘t have a financial value but are connected to memories. A potential approach for this service is to connect the digital data to a physical object that then can be inherited with a lifelong reflections on someones identity on it.

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