3 Pages a Day

With the master thesis coming up, I have to face the fact that I need to write a lot in the near future (AND it has to be English). For that very reason I was delighted to find the neat website 750 words. This site encourages the user to write 3 pages a day, preferable in the morning and everything written will be kept private. Statistics will keep track of the writing progress and are helping to focus on the 750 words a day goal. The user can set up email reminder or can take a one month challenge with a reward or consequences. This will be either the users name on the “Wall of Shame”or on the “Wall of Amazingness”. On top of that the user can design own rewards or consequences with a contract (If I will succeed, I will treat myself with … a lot of Ice Cream or If I miss a day or more, I will … donate $5.00 to 750words.com).

I really love this website for the ability to create my own content and still share it with a community. That shows a great balance between personal space and social network, what I think is far too rare to find.

And Buster Benson did it.

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