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The large amount of digital data we leave behind can possibly exist for eternity, raising questions of curation, ownership and storage. With “Postgeist” the user is collecting a digital legacy to bequeath material and immaterial things to their family and … Continue reading

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A Shared Space

Above, I’ve posted a model of the Postgeist system. Core of the concept is seen on the button of the model: “The User is collecting and organizing a legacy to leave for Heirs”. This statement immediately makes clear that there … Continue reading

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Concept Model

Since I was stuck with my thesis last week, I used my learned knowledge from the Dan Brown workshop to try his concept of visual thinking. The model I came up with is a start and shows that there are … Continue reading

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Status update

My thesis is divided into two parts. During the last semester I concentrated on the first part: collecting and building a legacy. Here, I have to think a little more about the content strategy. Elliott gave me the good tip … Continue reading

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The Key Concept

Please click on the picture to see the next slide. Main touchpoints in the service design experience are a “key”, a website and the actual legacy that will be inherited (can be a book, letters, etc.). The key is a physical … Continue reading

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Meaning in Digital Data

In order to answer the question how digital data is becoming meaningful I compared the properties and benefits of digital and physical objects. (more information can be found in the book “The Digital Afterlife” pg. 16) Some insights I had: … Continue reading

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Project Goals

Future Proven I am creating a service design experience which will enable the user to save, curate and inherit data. The service should reflect that the user will have a long-lasting experience with the service and that this experience can … Continue reading

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3 Concepts

Introduction The goal of this weeks presentation was to articulate three possible concepts. Those concepts needed to be considered enough to enable us to choose one of the to develop further and take into next semester. In my research I … Continue reading

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The Denial of Death

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The Twain Phenomenon

Is a life about the legacy? Mark Twain autobiography was published this year and it is not just any book it is a 100 year old one. Twain used a pretty brilliant marketing strategy to manage his brand in order … Continue reading

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